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Competition is everywhere and in every industry. Not only is it unavoidable, but it is healthy for for economy and, as consumers, for our financial well-being. However, when you are trying to survive in a recession as a business owner, competition forces you to be different, creative, and unique. After all, if you are just like everyone else, then why should someone do business with you. There are dozens of marketing tools for real estate agents out there and many of them apply to other niches of business and it is difficult [...]

Real estate marketing tools are everywhere around you and so it is important to take inventory of them. Not all of them are right for a given situation but you can increase your chances of buying or selling the property if you can properly match up those that are available with your own needs. Sometimes people are afraid to try a particular real estate marketing tool due to not being familiar with it. This hesitation though can prevent them from being able to buy or sell the property at hand. If you come [...]

Real estate brokers and agents have been using the postcard marketing as a method to entice their customers for several years now. But first of all, a postcard is a rectangular piece of paper or parchment intended for writing and mailing, even without the need of an envelope. These postcards act as Swiss army knives to these brokers and agents. For ages now, brokers and agents alike have marketed themselves through the use of these postcards, and for ages now as well, these postcard campaigns have proved [...]

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