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Marketing Tools For Real Estate Agents - Set Yourself Apart From the Rest!

Competition is everywhere and in every industry. Not only is it unavoidable, but it is healthy for for economy and, as consumers, for our financial well-being. However, when you are trying to survive in a recession as a business owner, competition forces you to be different, creative, and unique. After all, if you are just like everyone else, then why should someone do business with you. There are dozens of marketing tools for real estate agents out there and many of them apply to other niches of business and it is difficult, if not overwhelming, to figure out what exactly is worthwhile and what is worthless. Recently, our company has come across something that is different from anything we have ever seen and we must share it with those of you out there who are making an effort to be fresh and different.

First, a little background. I have spent the last 10 years in the real estate industry and at the same time, I own a traditional brick and mortar business as well as a successful online store. As a result, I have been approached and "pitched" on just about every marketing tool out there. It's rare that I actually find or see anything new. So, when this came my way I was stunned. Here's a brief explanation and how we are implementing it on a number of levels.

There is a fantastic software application on the market (you can download it for free by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article). This application actually aids people when they shop online. Now, almost everyone shops online. Even if we don't BUY online, we still SHOP online to find the best deals and to get information. This application allows the user to find online specials and compare prices on any item with just one mouse click. No more going to 6-7 different sites to shop! You can see them all with just one click. It saves the user time and money. In today's economy, who doesn't want to save time and money? So the application has value to any user and it can be downloaded free.

Here is the great part... If a business owner, such as a real estate agent, pays a small licensing fee, that business owner can have his/her company information or link appear on the screen of the user every time the user does any search with Google, Yahoo, or Bing. That means if the user Google's "shoes" they see your link, if they Google "hotels" they see your link, if they Google anything they see your link. Get the picture? Industry estimates are that the average person uses Google, Yahoo, or Bing about 80+ times per month. So that is 80+ times that your link can appear on their computer.

The key with any form of marketing is affordable repetition and we have found it. There are even more reasons for you to investigate this application but a picture is worth a thousand words. Use the links at the end of this article to download your own free copy and to view a demo. I think you'll agree that this is one of the most powerful marketing tools for real estate agents (or any business) that you have ever seen.

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